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Nikolina Hanniford

Social Media and Community Engagement

Nikolina Hanford is currently an undergraduate Junior studying Biology with a minor in Chemistry and Psychology at Howard University. She was originally born and raised in Nantucket, but now lives in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Her family are immigrants from Jamaica who have always had a vested interest in providing everything for her to succeed in life. They moved to America to create a better life for their children. Nikolina loves Alfredo pasta, and her favorite Jamaican dishes are Oxtail and Rice and Peas and Jerk Pork. “There’s nothing better than coming home to my mom’s cooking.” 


Nikolina loves to hang out with her friends and experience new things. She enjoys traveling, watching Netflix, going to new places, cooking her favorite meals, walking on the beach, singing, dancing, and rewatching her all-time favorite show, The Vampire Diaries. She enjoys the little things in life and hopes to have everything she desires through her hard work, dedication, and service. When Nikolina graduates, she hopes to go to medical school and become an OBGYN. Growing up, there weren’t many African American doctors, especially female doctors, who didn’t see color as an obstacle to care for Black patients. So, she wants to be an advocate for women of color to get the healthcare they deserve in a system that doesn’t care for them. Being a part of Aaliyah in Action, Nikolina hopes to help women receive the comfort and support they need when they experience such a traumatizing thing as pregnancy and infant loss. She is excited to be part of this organization!



If you are interested in becoming a volunteer for Aaliyah in Action, please email or view active opportunities on Volunteer Match. We are always looking for volunteers that can help with community outreach, photography, marketing, and more.

Caralina Wigfield

Website Design and Optimization

Caralina Wigfield is the Marketing Manager for MedResults Network, where she is responsible for copywriting, content creation, email marketing, and social media marketing. She also freelances as a Digital Marketing Manager for Lavender Hill Designs, where she plans and executes end-to-end marketing campaigns and maintains the retail store's ecommerce website. She received her undergraduate degree from the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, where she discovered marketing as a career path and volunteered for the Royal Victoria Hospital and the university's Charities Campaign. Outside of her passions for marketing and volunteering, Caralina enjoys traveling, reading, and chasing after her Yorkie puppy, Wrigley. 

Kara Peters

Social Media Manager

With a passion for both diversity and science, Kara obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology from Penn State University. Following graduation, she worked full-time as a professional nanny. To complement more than a decade of childcare experience with a formal education, she pursued an Early Childhood Education Certificate. Motivated to eliminate the racial and economic disparities in maternal health and child development emphasized throughout her education coursework, Kara is now beginning Drexel’s Maternal and Child Health Graduate program. While enrolled in this program, Kara is training to become a postpartum doula, broadening the support that she is able to provide to children and families. In her free time, she is passionate about advocacy, working as a Success Advocate at Bucks County Community College, creating social media content for Aaliyah in Action, and fostering shelter dogs.

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