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During the hardest of times, you still need to care for yourself...


Our Aaliyah in Action Self-Care Packages are provided to hospitals for distribution to families who have experienced a perinatal or neonatal loss.  Asking different groups of "loss moms" what items helped them the most, or what they thought could have helped more, allowed us to curate a package we are so proud to call Aaliyah in Action's Self-Care Package.

Each box has a pair of fuzzy socks, lip balm, face mask, and lavender shower steamers.  Supporting small businesses was very important to founder, Elizabeth, as she gathered ideas.  We're so happy to include a copy of Ali Ande's book, Still Here: A Memoir of Love, Loss, and Triumph After Stillbirth which is a great first read for the healing process after pregnancy or baby loss, a candle from Angel Mom Lifestyle and healing tea from The Dope Doula, a local DC business. 


Our last item is a Self Care Choice Board - this idea came from Kendall's Mom, a mother in the loss community.  Kendall's Mom shared how much this helped her in her first days of grieving and we hope it can help any woman slowly start to recover.

Copies of Grieving Dads: To the Brink and Back will also be available for families if needed.   

If you know someone who would benefit from an Aaliyah in Action Self-Care Box, you may order one to be shipped, or if local in the D.C. area dropped off, to their home. 


Birth workers and those in the birthing community: please reach out to us for a discount code. 

Self-Care Boxes

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