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Self Care Boxes

During the hardest of times, you still need to care for yourself...

Our Aaliyah in Action Self-Care Packages are available to order and are provided to hospitals for distribution to families who have experienced a perinatal or neonatal loss.  Our package items have been thoughtfully curated by asking different groups of people in this space what items helped them the most, or what they thought could have helped more, during those initial days and months of grief.

Each box has a pair of fuzzy socks, lip balm, face mask, tea, lavender shower steamers and a candle.  Supporting small businesses and giving back to Aaliyah's community was an important process in the curation of these packages.  Lip balms are from hunnybunny boutique and the healing tea from The Dope Doula, both local DC businesses.  The lavender shower steamers are now sourced from Joyful Bath Co., a women owned business in Bethesda, Maryland and our candles are now sourced from Smell of Love Candles, based in Virginia. 

Also included in each package is a Self Care Choice Board - this idea came from Kendall's Mom, a mother in the loss community.  Kendall's Mom shared this idea and how much it helped those first days of grieving.  Using this idea, Elizabeth created this tool keeping in mind the different small things she tried to do to feel a sense of accomplishment each day.  

In addition to the items above, each Aaliyah in Action Self-Care Package comes with a book, or books, most appropriate for the family's grief.  We're so honored to include a copy of Alishia Anderson's book, Still Here: A Memoir of Love, Loss, and Triumph After Stillbirth which is a great first read for the healing process after stillbirth or neonatal loss.  We've also recently added Emily Long's book, You Are Not Alone: Love Letters from Loss Mom to Loss Mom. We also have When the Heartbeat Stops: Organic Accounts of Women Breaking the Silence Around Miscarriage, written by Washington DC teacher, JaRonda Dockett.  

Other available support books are Grieving Dads, to the Brink & Back written by father, Kelly Farley and I'm Still a Big Sister, written by Brittany Day and her daughter Eliza.  Both of these books share a variety of viewpoints and are inclusive for all families.

If you know someone who would benefit from an Aaliyah in Action Self-Care Box you may order one to be shipped (see below), or if local in the D.C. area dropped off, to their home.

Aaliyah in Action relies on the generosity of its donors to provide our packages for those in need.  The truth is, hospitals do not budget for much bereavement support- yet families need this so badly. The cost of one package is $60.  We ask that if you request a package for a loved one you consider making a donation to our mission.  You can make a donation via PayPal, or through Venmo (@aaliyahinaction).

Please use the Get in Touch button below to a request a package.

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Self-Care Boxes: What We Do
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