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A Bit About Us

Our Mission

Aaliyah in Action comforts and provides women, birthing people and families, who have experienced perinatal or neonatal loss, with self-care packages and bereavement supports to help navigate life after loss.

Who We Are

Aaliyah in Action is a 501(c)(3) organization focused on immediately assisting families who have experienced perinatal or neonatal loss in the realm of self-care. We do this largely through our hospital partnerships but also ship packages to families nationwide when requested. This organization is a way for Aaliyah's parents to carry on their daughter’s name and legacy in the District of Columbia and beyond.


Why We Do This

Aaliyah Denise was born still, at 31 weeks gestation, on December 1, 2020. The outpouring of love and support received from family and friends after Aaliyah’s delivery gave Aaliyah's Mom, Elizabeth, comfort during the worst time of her life. Aaliyah in Action is in place to deliver that same comfort to other families in the midst of their loss. It can be challenging to feel worthy of anything "self-care" after experiencing this trauma. We're here to show you how it can be a piece of your grief journey and necessary as you move through the process.


What We Do

In order to serve the immediate need of families, Aaliyah in Action will provide:

  • Self-care packages & support books for women/ birthing people distributed at hospitals
    and ordered by medical providers, doulas or loved ones

  • Resources for no-cost local and national bereavement support

Aaliyah’s parents know she would have made an incredible mark on this world.

Aaliyah may not be here on this Earth to live that out, but she will live it out through the work of Aaliyah in Action.

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