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National Bereavement Resources

We hope this list of national bereavement resources will be helpful as you start your healing process. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

While you may not be ready for quite some time, we at least want you to have a list of local support groups for when/if you're ready.

PUSH Pregnancy Loss Resources

Loss resources compiled by bereaved parents and families of stillborn babies from the team at PUSH. "Everyone grieves differently, and that's okay. But we all deserve support." The list of resources includes books for adults and children, websites & online communities, podcasts & films, resources for finding answers, financial support, social media & discussion groups, memorial items, therapists & mentors,  support groups, and personal blogs.

RTZ Hope

 RTZ HOPE provides compassionate and holistic support for people who have experienced unimaginable loss during their journey to parenthood. No matter if your loss is recent or in the past, RTZ HOPE is dedicated to empowering parents to seek whatever paths to healing are right for you. We come alongside anyone who would otherwise suffer in silence. As impossible as it may feel right now, we want you to know there is hope. You will never forget your baby, but you will find meaning and experience joy again.

TEARS Foundation

The TEARS Foundation seeks to compassionately lift a financial burden from families who have lost a child by providing funds to assist with the cost of burial or cremation services. We also offer parents comprehensive bereavement care in the form of grief support groups and peer companions.

Aubrey's Advocate

Nothing is stronger than a mother fighting for her daughter's legacy. Through Julie's own personal experience with loss, she helps advocate for others in similar situations. "I am here to help your family organize and manage anything that you need so that you can focus on parenthood and the emotions that come with your grief. I am dedicated to obtaining the definitive answers and options that are hidden within the jargon of the insurance plan benefits and explanation documents. I recognize the stress of time spent looking for these answers and my goal is to lift this burden for you as much as I can; I know the importance of spending time with your baby and family. I am committed to exploring every option, and planning the necessary steps pertaining to the cost and payment of care. From direct assistance on calls to insurance companies, or providing this service on your behalf, I will ensure you receive answers and expectations in black and white. My mission is to advocate for you and your baby for whatever needs you may have that."

Sad Dads Club

Rob, Chris, and Jay are three friends living in Maine who, along with their wives, endured stillbirths. While the couples supported each other individually and as a group, the men quickly formed a deep bond over beers and tears. And so, from the ashes of stillbirth, the Sad Dads Club was born. It’s the worst club in the world, but the membership is the best. As the New York Times put it, “The men know one another’s stories and provide comfort on the birthdays of the children they lost.” That pretty much sums it up. We're navigating life after one of the most extraordinarily painful experiences that a parent can endure. Rather than walk a lonely road, we try to help carry each other through the darkest parts of this journey. We’re not experts. We’re just a group of Sad Dads who work every day to bring joy back into our lives while honoring the children we lost. If you are suffering from the grief of a stillborn child, please know that you’re not alone and that we’re here to help by creating a safe, open, and supportive space. #worstclubbestguys

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