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October 5: National Depression Screening Day

I've always been deeply invested in my own mental health and have been a part of many organizations over the years that address improving mental health in the US. After Aaliyah's stillbirth I kept telling myself to be aware of how I was feeling and immediately found a therapist that I still see weekly.

It can be very difficult to care about your mental health after experiencing perinatal or neonatal loss, but you must. Caring for your mental health during this time is a part of your grief journey, not a deterrent from it.

Today on National Depression Screening Day I urge you to consider taking the Mental Health America online screening test. It's free and, while not a diagnosis, can help you determine next steps you may want to take for yourself.

While nowhere near enough research has been done in this space, some key studies have taken place that prove the need for additional mental health screenings/ services after experiencing perinatal or neonatal loss, below are some examples.

Experiencing this form of loss is traumatic - so much so that sometimes the brain can literally rewire in an effort to protect itself. Caring for yourself from a mental health perspective is a form of self care which we at Aaliyah in Action so deeply care about. If you've been looking for an extra boost in this space, I hope this post did the trick. & please, share this with a friend who may need it.

Sending love,

Liz, Aaliyah's Mom

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