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Comforting Families Who Have Experienced Perinatal Loss, Neonatal Loss, or Infant Death   

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What We Do

Aaliyah in Action provides women, birthing people and families comfort as they take steps toward healing after the loss of their baby. Walking out of the hospital, empty handed, a shell of your former self, can be debilitating. Aaliyah in Action seeks to provide one of the first steps in the healing process after perinatal loss, neonatal loss or infant death. One of the hardest, yet most important, elements to beginning this healing process is self-care. 


Our Aaliyah in Action packages are meant to provide small ways to care for oneself while navigating this new life and grief journey. Waking up each day, facing this new reality, is challenging. We hope that providing these healing products and ideas can help, in even the smallest way, to make the day just a bit easier to get through. With this realization and mindset we call our packages a  "gentle hug" from someone who knows the pain - to let you know you aren't alone in this journey.

In addition to the importance of physical self-care with the use of the package items, Aaliyah in Action also provides families with bereavement resources within the Washington, D.C. area and nationwide. Figuring out which resources are best for you during this time can be challenging and very overwhelming- the thought of opening up a search engine and typing words associated with this trauma is daunting. We hope that our Aaliyah in Action Bereavement Guide can serve as an organized way to see the many resources that are available to you in, without you needing to search for them. Our DMV (DC, MD, VA) guide and national bereavement resources can be found under the Bereavement Support tab.

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Meet Our Founder

We’re here to support families through loss, and our self-care packages strive to provide a bit of comfort while going through the motions of grief and loss. 

"I consider it a gentle hug from someone who knows the pain." - Liz, Aaliyah's mom

Learn more about the packages here.

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